Why I Love My Book Club

21 Mar

This month’s selection — Charles Bukowski’s Women — underscores why the book club I established last year with a few incredible women continues to be enjoyable. For starters, we’re willing to read a book like Charles Bukowski’s Women.

But, perhaps more importantly, we’ll all have very different viewpoints of what the author was trying to communicate, and we’ll engage in respectful, lively discussion over good wine and delicious food.

The women who will discuss Women tonight come from all walks of life spanning three decades of age differences.  The books we individually select while rotating through our month to lead discussion are as different as can be — from Changing Places (about the culture and times of 1960’s Berkeley and Great Britain) to The Road (about some devastating, post-apocalyptic future world).

And that’s why I love my book club.  Because I know that once a month, I’ll get to read some new prose while getting a peek at the book chooser’s (at least literary) personality, and that peek can be very illuminating.  As can the reactions other book club ladies experience.  The book, likewise, can be enlightening.  Or not.  But regardless, it’s really a spectacular way to close a weekend.


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