Pressing My Luck

31 Dec

Because I am a compulsive list maker who has been (on multiple occasions) laughed at for adding grocery items with question marks after them (just in case they’re on sale), I wanted to document my 2010 resolutions so I don’t forget them after tonight’s wine.

Steph’s New Year’s resolutions for 2010:

* Floss at least twice a week (up from zero) with the cool generic water pik thing you spent money on last year.

* Meditate at least once a week, especially on the days you don’t want to.

* Start teaching regular classes at the gym again (bonus! just learned this is done already!  score!).

* Buy stock in Dunkin Donuts (or stop spending so much money there).

* Travel WAY more.  Use the money you earned on the DD stock or saved from making your own coffee.

* MOST IMPORTANT (potentially, though my dentist might disagree): Trust your gut.  When that burning sensation feels more nervous than optimistic, it’s your brain saying “Don’t talk yourself into this one.  It’s not going to be as cool as you (logically) think (or hope) it’ll be, so just move along. Nothing to see here.”  Pressing my luck in life by challenging my gut reactions has proved to result in whammies, mostly. So here’s to a year of big money instead.  (Figuratively speaking, though I would accept literal, too.)



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