Ok, Digital Strategies Director is Cool, Too!

6 Aug

For the past two months, I’ve been getting my bearings as the new Director of Digital Strategies at Tellenger, Inc., a relative startup (2 years old) that’s been specializing so far in doing government web software development.  We’ve been creating huge, java-based enterprise level applications that make government folks’ lives easier.  It’s been a tremendous start.  And it’s enabled me to come onboard and expand the company into the private sector, as well.

three teeny tortellini

three not-so-teeny tortellini

How I came onboard reinforces the “you never know” perspective of opportunities.  The CEO, Dave Tortorelli, whose name when I first saw it looked like tortellini and I nearly addressed him as such, created this position for me.  It’s amazing when something as simple as a conversation over coffee blossoms into a partnership.  I had responded to a creative writing gig on Craigslist — which he didn’t ever even consider hiring me for, ahem — and the rest is history in the making.

I’ve been pounding the pavement (and hitting the phones) to meet as many people as possible who need to know about Tellenger.  And who Tellenger likewise needs to know about.  It’s a great time to invest in the web and mobile space because of its endless potential, and so I want to work with everyone on Earth who knows that along with us.

I’m already helping a couple entrepreneurs get online to grow their ideas.  It’s awesome.  And I’ve hired a new staffer for my division — a super talented web designer (and musician) named Ben Hofer — which has given me an entirely new perspective on my responsibility.  I’m like a proud parent to one full-grown man.   (Well, that sounds weird, but you catch my drift).

It’s cool.


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