Stephanie Hay, Content Experience Director

26 Apr
oh boy!  i'm just a kid, but i use the web more than older people who have money!

Wow! This sounds cool! I'll have my parents buy it for me!

User experience design is nothing new to the web world, but it’s an increasingly popular area of expertise that clients are willing to pay a premium to have.  Why?  Because technology and good design themes continue to become more accessible — and inexpensive — whereas the psychology behind HOW to successful create interactions that convert users remains individualized and, therefore, more difficult to package.

Similarly, creating stimulating copy that rewards the user verbally for experiencing that web product/site/app remains wholly individualized based on the brand, its goals, its audiences, and its genuine voice.   I definitely appreciate a site that speaks to ME because I’ll be more likely to establish a relationship with that brand.  And that typically means language that doesn’t try to win me over with verbose explanations chock full of forced wit.  I’m cool with short and sweet.  And the occasional, well-placed conversational “curse” words like: “Holy crap!  Your order just shipped!”

Anyway, Samantha at BadAssIdeas was telling me about how there is a huge market for great web copywriters because so many people don’t *get* what I was describing in the paragraph above.  There are tons of marketing writers who are experienced in writing about things that don’t exist in an attempt to make a product or service more appealing.  That typically means embellishing, and folks on the web will be the first to yell “bullshit.”  The web is too transparent — that means content culture has to shift away from making up something out of nothing, to describing nothing in a way that means something to users.

To that end,  I just might start referring to myself as Steph Hay, Content Experience Director.  And Samantha, with her insatiable love of all things typographic, will design my business cards.


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