Everyone needs an editor

14 Mar

possessive fruits and vegetables

I am proud that people give me their writing with the expectation that I’ll improve its strength with my editing. Likewise, I still give other people MY writing.

Everyone needs an editor — even editors.

Of course, the buck stops at some point and the words go to press. Mistakes happen; doing everything humanly possible to prevent that is key.

So when I’m reading something — such as a nationally-accredited personal training manual — and it’s plagued with blatant grammatical and usage (e.g. their/there) errors, I am stunned. (Consider that readers are paying hundreds of dollars for said manual).

Totally preventable. Just lazy.

By contrast, when even the smallest amount of text — in a quick email or blog post or even a menu — is void of errors and actually has been proofed by someone versed enough to fix errors before the content is stamped “done,” I find myself lending MORE credibility to that sender/author/restaurant.

Seriously. If you take it personally (or have a smarmy person reviewing your work), an editor may, in fact, occasionally hurt your feelings. But wouldn’t YOU rather take the hit than your credibility?


One Response to “Everyone needs an editor”

  1. universalskeptic August 11, 2009 at 12:36 am #

    I’m assuming that you are familiar with:

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