A few user experiences in banking

2 Mar

Last December, I visited a financial planner.  It was well worth the time and hassle of tracking down recommendations from folks whom I trust.  It was enlightening but also daunting — I had a lot of work ahead of me to get prepared for retirement at 30.  (Tsk, and some call me an idealist).

Anyway, among the many great recommendations was to explore investment opportunities available in any of a number of companies.  So, I started doing some research and now have intimately experienced the user flow and options available to me behind three major financial institutions.  I blogged about it at Viget’s Advance blog, so check there for the full post.

A quick peek:

  • Decision paralysis on the home page is alive and well.
  • Two of three companies structured their user experiences around their own internal organization.
  • Pop-up explanations are everywhere, but never seem to help.
  • Live chat works.

Overall, I was amazed that two of three financial institutions I surveyed are capable of managing millions (billions?) of dollars for people but aren’t better equipped to manage their users’ experiences intuitively.


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