Ropes challenge evens the playing field

26 Jul

every quarter, my company ships off all the 30+ staffers to some hilarious event that usually is based on some incredible competition. from go-karts to paintball and skeet shooting, we’ve run the gamut.

on thursday, we headed down to richmond for our quarterly recap followed by the odyssey challenge. basically, it’s a huge jungle gym aka my idea of awesome. but, for those people afraid of heights and who aren’t prone to liking balancing games, i suppose it was like hell.

after the safety training and our getting jammed into gear that pressed against and/or emphasized our our no no parts, we hit the tower. we were split up into four teams, and our goal was to traverse four difference challenges AS A TEAM. so lots of strategery and communication involved. it was totally badass. a bit hot, but rad nonetheless.

but what i particularly liked about it was that it leveled the playing field so drastically that everyone was vulnerable. all of the sudden, the people you rely on for information at work or athletic prowess during a typical team building activity weren’t necessarily the strongest players. trust was vital. and you quickly learned who was much less willing to trust.

it’s not everyday that i can be standing on a wire 50 feet above the ground taunting my development director, whose sarcasm and wit normally reign supreme. but it also felt wholly endearing seeing that vulnerability come through, and i appreciate him more now for it.

yaye for jungle gyms.


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