Enthusiasm equates to personality

29 May

I wrote a post on our VigetEngage (marketing) blog today after being inspired from a Copyblogger post on the importance of enthusiasm in writing.  One thing I can honestly say about my life is that I’ve been rewarded for exuding enthusiasm — I’ve also been reprimanded for it being “overwhelming to older staffers,” so I guess there are two sides to every coin.

But one area that enthusiasm comes in handy, particularly, is in my writing.  My dad first noticed when I was in junior high school that I could crank out papers in no time flat, when he (an engineer) might struggle for hours to write standard presentations.  He’s enthusiastic about tangible sciences and structures, and I’m enthusiastic about intangible concepts and theories.  His writing felt forced, and he didn’t know how to fix it.

Later, in high school and college, he would ask me my opinion on his writing.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’d ask him, “What are you trying to say?  Just say it!”  Why get caught up in trying to SOUND a particular way when explaining your concepts enthusiastically and personally resonates so much more clearly?

Anyway, I recognize that this notion doesn’t come naturally to people (like my dad) even though it’s almost all I’ve known.  The few times I’ve had to conform to some restricted style — such as proposals or press releases, for example — I think to myself that I’d never SPEAK this way to someone in-person, so what’s happened on the path from spoken to written word that’s made me feel so uptight?

To me, enthusiasm equates to personality.  Without it, the writing falls flat and feels slow to read.  I’m wondering when life will transition to allow even the most traditionally stodgy writing to evolve into more personal communication styles (like that of blogs, except with editors).


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