I don’t know. I don’t know.

21 Feb

so being that i’m not obsessed with jim sturgess (yes! that’s jimsturgess.org! i call president of his fan club!), and that i downloaded the across the universe soundtrack this afternoon, i decided to listen to what i thought was among the top two most memorable songs from the movie. something, by the beatles of course. yes, something. (the other song was hey jude, but mr. sturgess didn’t sing it. boo.)

i hadn’t ever really listened to the lyrics before. i think that goes for most of the beatles’ tunes. i liked sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band and knew those words. but who didn’t? i mean, for the most part, the beatles’ just joined the doors, bob dylan, and, later, gordon lightfoot as “music that my parents listen to.”

anyway, something is a saucy tune. it’s so writhe with young love and confidence and carefree-ness that i never realized before. now, i want it to be my anthem. at least for tonight, while i’m still being melodramatic about it.

imagine. i wonder what it was like being at least one of the women who inspired such lyrics, knowing your crazy popular singer boyfriend who was part of a practically global revolution thanks to his inspirational music (and who had absolutely no problem scoring with others) at some point thought, “dude, i’m a beatle, and i pretty much don’t need anything, but somehow this chick knows i need her.”

that’s serious feminism. and that’s so hot.

but, at the same time, he reveals that she’s totally vulnerable. that she wants to throw herself ass over head into his love, but needs reassuring at the same time … asking him, “will your love grow?” to which he responds, of course, “i don’t know. if you stick around, it may show … i don’t know.”

that’s so wrenching.

a dude on the jazz channel the other day said that falling in love is easy; life is hard. and the lyrics of this song basically take that saying, give it to paul mccartney, then deliver it in a way that all who hear pull on the emotion like a blanket in bed. because even when life and love seem at odds, he keeps coming back for more. the way she moves, how she knows him — he can’t explain it, but whenever he thinks of her, there’s just something about her.

that’s so romantic.


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