Why the pacific coast is amazing

26 Jan

i visited santa cruz and stayed with neel and karin last weekend. it was a fast trip to fly from one coast to another and back, but i’m baller so i can handle it. what i learned was simple: santa cruz is rad.

it’s populated with the stereotypical surfers and stoners. from the downtown to the beach to the fish taco place, they play frisbee and let their curly locks fall haphazardly from their board-company-logo’d hats. but it’s a mixture of young and old. mostly quirky, with street musicians on one side and artful, inspiring homes with walls of windows on the other. the architects must love it here.

so do the granola people, who can get lost for hours in the redwoods that punctuate the geography. the mountains on one side, the bay on the other, san francisco a hop up the road, silicon valley a stone’s throw away. the real estate prices are somewhat ridiculous, but why wouldn’t they be? it’s got life and industry worked into the geography and nature of the greater region with a delicacy i hadn’t yet seen anywhere else.

stepping out in the morning to see what seemed like french provincial meets classic west coast waves was magical. the rain, not so much. but it was the evenings that enchanted me the most.

there’s really nothing better than watching the sun get eaten by the water. i stood on rock formations riddled with tidepools, coldish, with the waves crashing in the background, thinking about what the people in hawaii are seeing, and how me back in dc would have already been watching tv since the sun set over my neighboring apartment building’s roof three hours ago.

but when you see the sun drop to the lowest possible point — to the horizon itself — it’s really a sight to behold. imagine being able to see that pretty much everyday. i think i found the key to living on the pacific coast that evening.


ah, how romantic.


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