Possessive crops.

26 Jan

Blatant errors are always funniest when they’re blown up on billboards and, say, company vans. Mostly because I can point and laugh and take pictures of them.

Here, outside Eastern Market in sunny Detroit, the Nuccio Brothers park their proud advertisement, which boasts about their rather selfish mushroom and banana.

Poor Possession

Why are people are so trigger happy with apostrophes? If there’s more than one, just add an “s.”

Intrigued that a company could afford cars but not an editor for at least 10 seconds, I jumped online to learn more. Though they haven’t got a website, they do have some explanation:

This company profile is for the private company Nicasio Inc, located in Detroit, MI. Nuccio Brothers’s line of business is covered food crops farm.

The brothers’s’s’s’s should check out some of the rules on possessives. Starting with this one:

  • If a singular proper noun ends in s, add an apostrophe. e.g. Nuccio Brothers’

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