Writing about thinking about writing

15 Dec

i realized during a discussion tonight that i’d never articulated one of the benefits blogging has for me. this is especially pertinent because i used to rip heavily on blogging. “people don’t care about what you have to say, blogmaster.” that goes for me, too. except at least i know it.

(which is — in an of itself — another benefit, now that i think about it.)

anyway, the real benefit blogging’s had for me — aside from helping me voice the adventures and angst i feel to some degree or another each day — is that it’s made me capture otherwise benign events and perceive them differently.

for instance, being stuck in traffic is a topic no one gives a shit about. we all get stuck in traffic, and it always sucks. but occasionally, there’s a great story living within; either catching someone mid-nose pick, or maybe watching a terrifying road rage episode unfold before your eyes on the jersey turnpike, for example.

blogging’s given me many stop-and-think-about-what’s-happening-
remember-it-until-the-interwebs-dies moments.

looking forward to oh so many more.


One Response to “Writing about thinking about writing”

  1. Julius December 16, 2007 at 11:05 am #

    your tags are hilarious.

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